Serendipity Experience 83 - Spring Fling!

4:25 PM

 It may be the start of Autumn here in Sydney but you could certainly be forgiven for thinking it was Spring.The sky is blue, the flowers are blooming and there is signs of new life everywhere you look.

I love the fact that introducing one solitary colour can totally transform the landscape of the house into an Easter celebration.

My favourites are the tiny little daffodil bulbs that last throughout the entire Easter week

Instead of buying the fresh flowers which seem to wilt so quickly in the heat, the little bulbs go on and on and everywhere you look there is a backdrop of yellow which makes it feel like a glorious spring day...even if in reality it's still months away!!!!

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  1. beautiful flowers! wonderful photos too
    dee dee

  2. I love the way you brought spring into your fall.. Those flowers look lovely..


  3. Beautiful pictures...Happy Easter. Thank you for visiting Take Six! :)

  4. Happy Easter, Simone! I always forget about our differences in seasons. While you're entering autumn, we're beginning spring. Whenever I see daffodils I think of fairy cups from a book I read as a child. It's funny how some memories stick with us. :)

  5. Happy Easter Simone ... it looks like you've done a beautiful job of bringing Spring into your home. I think it's a wonderful idea...wish I had thought to do it. ":o)

  6. OH I love spring coming into your home! my garden is popping up with bulbs everywhere, I love this time of year

  7. The little daffodils are sooo sweet. We had such an early Spring that all of our bulbs finished a month ago, and the azaleas are mostly finished. Hope you have a Happy Easter and thanks for visiting.

  8. Wishing you a lovely Eater.

    I just scrolled down and I like the idea of another holiday in Europe....sounds like just my thing.
    PS your daffs are lovely

  9. The daffodils add just the right pop of color. So pretty!
    I'm a new follower and hope you'll stop by.
    Mary Alice

  10. I love daffodils! They look beautiful in the vignette with those gorgeous urns.... love them!The difference in seasons in two different hemispheres amaze me sometimes... we are anxiously waiting for summer to arrive here(didn't have much of a spring this year) and you are stepping into fall,lol!Wonderful post!Thanks for visiting me and leaving me such a loving note. Have a great weekend!~Poppy


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