Serendipity Experience 78 : Share Christmas Traditions

2:48 PM

Despite living in a country that celebrates Christmas in Summer our family always has a traditional Hot Christmas Dinner complete with Roast Turkey, Yorkshire Pudding, Peaches with Cranberry Sauce and Plum Pudding with Brandy Sauce. To me it wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't celebrate in this way!

We always have Christmas Crackers on our table. We sit around the table joining each of our crackers and break them at the same time. We then put on our silly hats and share the jokes inside. Until I read a recent blog by Sherry at The Heart of Home  I thought this was a universal tradition!!!

We set aside the week before Christmas to make our Mince Pies, Snowflake cookies and of course our Reindeer Poo!

The Christmas Tradition which has changed the most for us is Christmas Card giving. We used to love going to the mailbox each day to collect our cards and would string them across the garland. Of course like everyone else we are now resorting to sending e-cards!

I also couldn't imagine Christmas without the obligatory bowl of nuts to crack!...Although with the increase of nut allergies around, perhaps this is the next tradition that will disappear!!! Would love to hear about your Christmas Traditions!

With love and good cheer from our house to yours, Merry Christmas!

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  1. it sounds delicious! have a lovely day..happy holidays to you and your family!

  2. Such beautiful photographs Simone, and your dinner sound absolutely yummy!

    Thank you so much for sharing at The Creative Exchange this week.

    I wish you a wonderful Holiday.


  3. All my family gather at our house for Christmas Eve. We have a great but informal dinner..sometimes as simple as delicious ham and cheese sandwiches on awesome breads. Lots of desserts..cookies, pies, cakes and ice cream.
    We have 18 Christmas stockings hanging...a beautiful sight...(we have 10 grandchildren)and everyone puts something special in each one. Then, after opening gifts, we attack our stockings. They usually are more fun than anything else. Then, everyone goes back to their homes and puts the kids to bed so that Santa can come. It is such a blessed event...
    I am getting olden, and treasure every single minute with my family. Christmas cheer is just the icing on the cake. :))
    love, bj

  4. oops, meant to add that I am working on a post about our stockings that I hope to have time to get up this week.

  5. What fabulous images that certainly capture the fond memories of the holiday.

  6. We often have Yorkshire Puds in our Roast, but I have never have thought of them for Christmas Dinner. Might change that tradition next year. If there is one thing that I love , it is Yorkshire Pud. We have the usual traditional fare, Ham,Pork, Turkey, and Plum Pud.

    Have a great Christmas.


  7. I love that photo of the snowflake cookie still in the cutter! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  8. I love your photos and it's so interesting to hear about traditions! I have the same experience as you concerning the Christmas cards - I do miss them but we only get about 1 or2 and the other are emails or even texts...! We also have nuts and we have the same nut cracker by the way :-) As a new tradition we meet with friends on the 24th for a brunch - everyone is bringing something to eat and then we sit there, talk, eat, drink (coffee, tea, water and toast with a glass of champagne) and have fun for hours. Merry Christmas to you and your family and friends, Simone!

  9. How pretty and elegant photos.

    Greetings, Merike :)

  10. Such amazing photos.. I wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas!!

    Hugs, Linda

  11. Merry Christmas to you! Thanks for sharing this beautiful post in the Christmas party. Beautiful photos, beautiful sentiments. Pinning and tweeting.

  12. Your style is delightful. Love the snowflake clay tags and the pudding.
    Merry Christmas
    I am having a wonderful Hoilday giveaway. The prize is a gorgeous Coastasl Style Interiors book. If you have a little time, I'd love it if you would join in.
    Carolyn xx

  13. This all looks so wonderful! As a child we would always have nuts around. I have memories of watching my dad crack and eat them. I think that's how I found out at a young age that I was allergic to most of them. All is good though...I don't mind having them around for others, I just avoid them. :-)


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