Serendipity Experience 96: Start a collection.

5:27 PM

Decorative Cross Collection

I love the concept of collections and am intrigued by what people collect. Recently when I found myself with a blank wall crying out for some texture, I decided to start a collection of decorative wall crosses. I love the three dimensional quality they offer. The simple elements of timber, metal and shell combine in an interesting display, which is all more appealing for their unique eclectic mix and the wonderful memories provoked from sourcing each one. As with any collection I think the biggest challenge shall be knowing when to stop!

Cross made from simple shells

I love the texture of these handmade shell crosses.

Cross Embossed Bottles : Source HG magaznie

I am very tempted to start another collection of these little cross bottles.


I find that Eclectic collections are the heart and soul of our homes and a statement of who we are!

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  1. oh my goodness, I have missed seeing your wonderful posts. So glad you are posting again! Beautiful photos! Xo:)


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