Serendipity Experience 46: Harbour Hunt

12:00 AM

Today we spent the day on the Harbour watching the Chinese Dragon Boat races at the conclusion of the Chinese New Year celebrations. I had intending posting my Scavenger Hunt Sunday finds from this week, however, Blogger had a different idea! Unfortunatley it wont allow me to upload any photographs at present  and I have missed the deadline. So here are the three prompts it actually allowed me to download.
1. Patterns and Repetitions!(Thanks Justine I seem to be seeing repetition everywhere I look at present).2. Bright White and 3. warmth !

Patterns and Repetitions:  I swear that these seagulls lined themselves up in a precise line at exactly equal intervals, just so I could delight in how incredible nature is!

Bright White: The children loved this water fountain, it was certainly incredibly white, and incredibly bright!


Warmth: We had such an enjoyable day sitting and watching the world go by with the sun on our backs!

If anyone has a suggestion for how I can fix the issue of uploading pls drop me a line. When I attempt to upload it says "Google cloud picker" and says this feature is currently unavailable!

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  1. I love the lined up seagulls! The fountain is really neat and the sun through the trees looks awesome too!

  2. those seagulls look very ordered and I love the fountain and light through the trees. Sadly I have absolutely no idea what has happened to your upload.

  3. Fountains make such peaceful photos. I love it.

    BTW, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment on my blog. I really appreciate it and am following along with you on your photography journey.

  4. Wow...Simone! Every visit to your blog leaves me with my mouth wide open. Your photos are simply STUNNING! It's hard to choose a favorite. If I had to, it would be the birds. Not only are they all lined up, but they're all looking at you. My next choice would be the fountain...incredible.

    Sometimes I have trouble loading pics if I'm in the html mode instead of compose mode. I don't know why. Also..I've had an experience where my photo wouldn't show up in my blog because it didn't upload correctly to my Picasa web album (our internet connection drops off a lot in our rural area). Don't know if that's helpful, but I hope you're able to figure it out. ---I can't wait to see what you'll have next!

  5. Amazing how you were able to capture the birds all lined up. It couldn't have been staged any better- so cool when it just happens that way.

  6. These photos are so gorgeous, Simone! Those seagulls in line are amazing - I wonder how you persuaded them ;-)

  7. These are fantastic Simone!
    The seagull shot is amazing. Truly looks like they posed for you!

  8. All are great choices! Love the birds in a row and the sun shining through the trees, but my favorite is the bright white, bubbling fountain!
    Blogger is a pain sometimes and I'm sorry I don't know the solution.

  9. Those birds are so cute in the way they lined up. I've never seen that error before but I use photobucket rather than picasa to upload my photos from.

  10. I just love that seagull shot. It must be so beautiful where you live, and I believe you must be enjoying your warm months right now right? I'm putting you on my sidebar so I can remember to visit more often!

  11. Your pictures are always so beautiful. I especially love the trees! Reminds me of our backyard. I got a camera remote for my birthday, and my brother is lending me a tripod. Thought of you...I'm going to work on some photography this year as well!

    Blessings to you girl,


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