Serendipity Experience 59: Think Pink!!

1:51 AM

      "To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a delectable form of defeat   ~ Beverley Nichols

There is nothing like a fresh bouquet of flowers to brighten your day! I am a firm believer in doing everything possible to make the daily rituals of life interesting and varied. Nothing accomplishes this more effectively than spoiling yourself to a lovely bunch of  inexpensive flowers. From the minute I place them on my table, the chores ahead no longer feel so boring or daunting. My spirits are lifted, my senses are stimulated and and I feel so much more eager to embrace the day ahead!

It always amazes me how much of a better mother, wife and friend I am when I take time out to actually nurture myself. We so often forget how important it is to sustain our own souls before we can give to others. So when I saw this gorgeous bunch of pretty pink I just new it was exactly what I needed to celebrate the day!

This is a reminder to make sure you spoil yourself today too!!!!

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  1. Simone, you make a very important point. One that we all too easily forget, and one that is so very, very true. Thank you for the reminder!

    These flowers are just amazing. Such a wonderful pink, and the detail you have captured is just fantastic.

  2. Well, not much spoiling for me today. Work after a week off means two weeks of work. ;) However, I'll try. The flowers are just gorgeous!

  3. Oh Simone, they are just the most luscious looking flowers. I bet you smile every time you look at them. Enjoy!

  4. These flowers are so wonderful and you are so right with what you are saying! I tend to forget to brighten up my days with something beautiful when I'm in the hectic of my daily routine. Thanks so much for this lovely reminder!

  5. Wow...these are beautiful! The color...the detail...the intricate captured them well!

    Enjoy your flowers & your day! :)

  6. Beautiful dahlias -- they are my favorites.

  7. Oh how I love it Simone! We had a couple days of teaser sun this past weekend, and today it rained and poured. These pictures give me happy thoughts for summer! Thank you!


  8. Well they are gorgeous.. I might have to take you up on that sweet advice.. I would love to have a beautiful bouquet of flowers... Your photos look wonderful..

    Hope you are having an awesome day..

    Hugs, Linda

  9. Well said and beautiful capture! These have lifted my spirits too... thanks for sharing! =)

  10. These pics are freakin gorgeous! I LOVE them! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog- I wish I could take pics like you though! ;)

  11. so true, I love you have found a quote and photo blog, i will go and check it out. These flowers are gorgeous you have photographed them so well!!

  12. What a beautiful post! You are absolutely right! Flowers can lift a mood so quickly! Gorgeous photos and wonderful quote! Thanks so much for linking up!

  13. Loved your post, and your pictures are gorgeous.

  14. I couldn't agree more! I just fulfilled my own order of 3 dozen pink, orange and yellow roses and they just thrill my soul!! Gorgeous pictures :) XO, Kelly


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