Serendipity Experience 60: Take Time!

12:22 AM

"Time is but the stream I go a fishing in"  Henry Thoreau

It is very difficult to believe that we are approaching winter here in Sydney. The days have been stunningly warm, the skies a brilliant blue and the flowers have been continuing to bloom everywhere you look. I have felt compelled to get out amidst the sunshine and lap up every last ray of it! ( Hence my lack of blogging of late!).  Yesterday I decided just to take time to enjoy the sunshine and spent the morning wandering around the waterfront sharing my breakfast with these delightful pelicans, They are such large birds and yet they possess such grace and charm. They have such a calming effect on the observer.

I  know it won't be much longer until our days grow shorter and cooler, but for the moment I fully intend enjoying every last moment of it!

I am linking up with Lisa Gordon's Creative exchange today, as it is another place I visit which warms my heart!!!

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  1. Your pelicans look absolutely gorgeous, what great shots. You are so going to enjoy using your camera on your trip! Winter there means summer here, we have waited so long!

  2. It is the real serendipity. I use "serendipity" in my blog's address. It is a kind of serendipity to read your blog. I uploaded a castle in Lisa Gordon's the creative exchange.
    By the way, I like Australia very much. I travelled Tasmania this February. I stayed at Rose Bay in Sydney for a week three years ago.
    Both travels were very fantastic.

  3. WOW!! Your pelican shot is amazing..

  4. Beautiful work!! Just gorgeous..... :)

  5. These are gorgeous photographs Simone, especially the last one. I love the light on his beak, and that is SOME beak!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful evening, and enjoy every minute of the wonderful weather you are having.


  6. What wonderful photos, Simone! And what a great decision to enjoy the sun!

  7. Hi!I wrote a comment. My google account would not work well.
    I will write by name/URL this time.

    Minoru (minor)

  8. These are fabulous captures, Simone! If I could get pictures half as good as these, I'd "make breakfast" for the pelicans! :)

    As always, I enjoyed my visit. Your talent with a camera always astounds me.

  9. Looks like you and the Pelicans are enjoying the sun! Wonderful photos!

  10. Lovely photos - my favorite is the first shot but both are fabulous!

  11. They are some of the most wonderful creatures. So awkward on land, so graceful and elegant in the air. Thank you for these wonderful shots.


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