Serendipity Experience 92: Brown Paper Packages tied up with string!

3:54 PM

Brown Paper Packaging

How beautiful is the simplicity of brown paper and string for gift wrapping! I firmly believe that as much time should be spent on selecting the wrapping for  a present as deciding what gift to give. Half of the joy of a present is the anticipation of what is inside. Wrapping a present is both a form of self expression and also really allows you to personalize your gifts, adding your own unique style.

Christmas Wrapping

Each Christmas I spend time preparing my gift wrapping papers, ribbons and bows in readiness for all my gift wrapping. This year I have chosen my favourite brown paper wrapping, it is the perfect backdrop for any colour scheme and sits so perfectly with the gorgeous red and white butchers twine which reminds me so much of the traditional Christmas candy canes.

Paper Doilies

This year I am adding paper doilies into my gift wrapping, as I love the simple homemade
quality that it adds to a gift.

I like to use assorted ribbons to personalize each gift so that each one is slightly different from the next. Of course I have to stay within my selected colour scheme as I am a real sucker for the co ordinated effect!

Red & White Butchers Twine

But each year there is always a place in my heart for that butchers twine!

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  1. Your photos are quite the way that your put things together, hoping all is good in your world❤thank you for continuing to come over to say hi, it makes me so happy to see a comment from you.

  2. nothing like brown paper packages!

    hope you can stop by when you have a moment.

    smiles and sunshine to you.


  3. Gorgeous, the wrapping is a gift in itself.

  4. so beautiful! your photos look like something in a magazine :)

  5. these are so beautiful! funnily enough I bought exactly the same string yesterday, haven't managed to source the brown paper yet! I bet your presents will look so beautiful under the tree, have you done it all already??

  6. Lovely. I especially like the heart shape buttons on the envelope. So pretty.

  7. Everything looks so pretty. I just love the look of the doilies and the bakers twine.. Very pretty indeed..


  8. Simone, I love your creative ideas! I have used brown paper for wrapping before and I too love the sweet simplicity of it. Bakers twine is the best thing! I have a spool of the red and white and am using in for so many things. I just order a spool of each color. It was a great price on Pick Your Plum the other day. The addition of the doilies is a cute idea.

  9. Happy New Year, Simone! These packages look so beautiful - I'm sure everyone was happy to receive those! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


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