Serendipity Experience 94: When Life gives you Lemons, Make Lemonade!!

3:31 PM

After a self imposed break from blogging I thought Spring was the perfect time to re emerge from my hiatus. The past few months has yet again reinforced to me the need to live life to the full and find beauty and sustenance in the everyday. My dear friend Justine from Justine Gordon Photography, who so many of you know, has really had this tested in the past few weeks as she has had to deal with the illness of her gorgeous husband Michael. She has truly lived up to the adage "When life gives you Lemon's make Lemonade", with her trusty camera in tow, despite the confines of the hospital walls she has still sought to find beauty and humour amidst the sorrow, although I highly doubt she will be sharing her 'candid' shots of Michael's operation with any of you soon!!

Over the past weeks we have taken time out during hospital rest period for quick cups of coffee and snatched conversations and on each occasion she has shared with me her positivity and resilience, we have laughed and cried together and truly know the importance of making lemonade!

With Michael on the mend, Justine and I continue our journey. We have shared so many joys and sorrows together over the years, and I guess in the end that is what life is all about. Sure there's the cup cakes and sweet treats, but there's also the odd lemon thrown in as well, it's what you do with them that counts.

Here's to our next coffee catch up at "The Grounds" at Alexandria next week Justine! xxx

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  1. Oh Simone this made me cry again!!! what a lovely post, thank you for being such a wonderful friend during all of this. Is this where we are going next week? it looks great, can't wait!

  2. It's so wonderful to see you here again, Simone - welcome back! Your post is so beautiful and it's so good to know that Justine has such a good friend as you by her side!
    Before I forget it: these photos are just gorgeous!

  3. I get delicious hunger by seeing your photos.
    Have a nice day! RW & SK


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