The "Serendipity Experience" - 1. Create a Blog

10:57 PM

To begin the "Serendipity Experience" my first challenge has been to create a blog on which to detail my journey. This is not an easy task. My perfectionist nature battles with the layout, fonts and settings available to me. Further complicated by which blogging platform I should use. In the end practicality overcomes perfection and I realise that in order to fulfill my first goal I must have this blog complete by the end of the day if I am to meet my first challenge.

I realise that already i am on my journey to unexpected surprises.... I am following the advice of one of those infamous quotes.

Written goals have a way of transforming.... wishes into wants
can'ts into can's
dreams into plans
don't just think it! .....Ink It! (Anon)

My Goal is now in ink and the journey begins!

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