The "Serendipity Experience" 3 - Jumping in Puddles

6:12 PM

Today is wet and overcast and I find myself wondering what new challenge I will embark upon today. I stare out my window for inspiration and then realise it is right before my eyes. I pick up my umbrella and do something I haven't done since I was a child. I go for a walk in the rain, with no agenda or purpose. It's not long before I'm actually enjoying myself! I decide that if I am having so much fun doing this then I really should be sharing it. Instead of driving to the bus stop to collect my son from school I decide to meet him with a pair of his gumboots. He looks at me in total surprise when I tell him we are walking home in the rain. He is so excited. Of course it isn't long before we are both quite wet and it seems natural to jump in the odd puddle or two. We take the long route home and come across a path we have never been on before. We follow it down to a harbour inlet and come across a newly formed waterfall. We are so excited! At this stage we are absolutely drenched from all our puddle jumping , but we are both smiling and laughing and I have accomplished more than just fulfilling a daily goal, we have broken from our normal everyday routine and have enjoyed a special moment together, although judging by my son's response it is something we will be doing again very soon!!

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  1. what a wonderful idea! what a great blog, love what you are planning and I will be following with interest what you do every day. It won't let me sign up to follow your blog so I will try again later. Love the photographs too, can you make them bigger??


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