The "Serendipity Experience" 7: Sunday Creative

5:51 PM

My dear friend Justine has presented me with today's challenge.
Which is to post an image to her Sunday Creative   entitled "Obsolete".(1. no longer in general use, fallen into disuse. 2. effaced by wearing down or away. make obsolete by replacing with something newer or better). The prompt made me accutely aware of how quickly the "current" can become the "obsolete" hence my photograph of our poor "Jack O Lantern" which stood pride of place at our front door just twelve hours prior and now lays discarded and abandoned in our garden awaiting disposal.  C'est la vie!!

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  1. I absolutely love this! what a fantastic interpretation of the prompt and so true. Thank you so much for joining. I managed to get your comment box by clicking on the time but can you get the proper comment box back?

  2. What a great idea! And a beautiful photo, too! I loved your previous post - that decoration is stunning!

  3. I can click on your comment but it's not obvious and you have weird stuff below your leave a comment! don't worry, it will sort itself out!

  4. This is so creative.. I would have never thought of this.. I love it.


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