Serendipity Experience - 22 Be Imaginative!

12:23 AM

                      Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!

I have been watching on enviously all week as people have been posting the most stunning snowy winter photographs. Of course living in 'Sunny Sydney' the closest thing we have to snow is a Summer Hailstorm.I therefore decided that it was time to put my imagination to the test and create my own snow scene!

Being infatuated by snowflakes and constantly craving a White Christmas I have managed to become quite a collector of them. I managed to unearth several of my favourites and suspended them from my upper balcony, creating an instant snowstorm!!! Now I guess all I need is an artificial fireplace on which to hang the Christmas Stockings!!!!

I am posting this in response to Nine Muses Musing prompt for today "Snowflake" Have a look at some of the other wonderful interpretations!

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  1. I so love that view, I love what you have done here it looks beautiful, you are so clever.

  2. Although we do have snow in England, I've never had a white Christmas either. This is the first year I've known it to snow before Christmas so I have evcerything crossed for a white Christmas!!!

    Does your house overlook that gorgeous lake?



  3. I love that view! And your snow flakes! I could use some of them here, too! We had snow but it's been raining for almost 20 hours now and all the snow is gone!

  4. I love that you have created your own white Christmas! Thanks so much for linking in today.

  5. Wonderful! No snow or real flakes here in Florida
    . Loving the prompts and creativity, hope you are too.

    Hugs, Tam

  6. Oh, so exciting. I love the winter wonderland you created. Very beautiful.

  7. We had snow in the night here...I must say that I am happy ~ not the hubby so much ;-)
    Love yours too ~ Rebecca

  8. LOVE this Simone! I am so thankful for your blog. So lovely! Thank you for sharing the beauty of life in your blog! Your kind comments on my blog have been such encouragement to me. Thank you! Happy 2011 to you!

    Many blessings,


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