Serendipity Experience - 21 Continue a Holiday Tradition!

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We are a family of list makers! Whether it is a shopping list, book list, goal list or things to do list, we have it. In fact we are so addicted to lists that I have even been known to make lists of my lists!!! It is therefore no surprise that an important family tradition is to make a Christmas List each year. These are started in November and undergo significant alterations and additions in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Interestingly I notice that quite often the final list bears little, if any resemblance to the original list. ( Not exactly easy for Santa!) I love this pad of lists created by Delphine and would love it for my collection!

When Christmas is finished our lists are placed in our special "Christmas Journal" which records all the details of our Christmas planning, our year's colour scheme, gifts received, photos with Santa etc)

This is my son's list this year. It appears to have had many additions, but very few alterations!!!

Mackenzie's Christmas List

I just love looking back over all lists. Not only do we have a laugh over some of the inventive spelling, but it is a great record of the changing trends throughout the years. Have a look at some of the other Holiday Traditions over at A Common Thread.

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  1. thank you so much for linking up to a common thread. I love your lists and Mackenzie's looks very concise and he has obviously given it a lot of thought! I still have no idea what to get everyone, I need to make lists.

  2. I love lists too. Making a list of your lists is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a beautiful addition here! As with my gingerbread houses, my kids still make lists for me. I have every one they've ever made, and it is such a wonderful memory.

  4. I absolutely find myself in your description of list making - that made me really laugh! Such beautiful wish lists - I love them! And your post! Thanks so much for sharing it at our common blog!

  5. i like your little girls list, so cute;)


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