Serendipity Experience - 29 Prepare for Santa!

3:46 PM

                                   The Three Stages of Santa Claus

                                   1. You believe in Santa Claus
                                   2. You don't believe in Santa Claus
                                   3. You are Santa Claus!

My challenge today was to prepare for Santa's much awaited visit! A friend had recommended a wonderful interactive website Portable Northpole which sends a free personalized video message to your child, which includes details of their friends, what they want for Christmas and addresses them by name. (They even have one to send to adults!) It was a great hit and has definately reinforced my son's belief in "The Spirit of Christmas"! Again this year I am taking advantage of the electronic medium and am sending my e-cards via Smilebox.

Our Santa Snack
We came across these cute little heart shaped cookies yesterday, which we think will be a great hit with Santa!

Reindeer food from Mychicken scratch

Our task for the day is to make some of this cute Reindeer Food to spread outside our house on Christmas eve. We just have to hope that our pesky possums don't get it first!!!!

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  1. this all looks wonderful and Mackenzie looks so cute!

  2. This is really gorgeous! The 3 stages really made me smile! :-) Hope the reindeers were faster than the possums! :-)


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