Serendipity Experience - 23 Learn a new skill.

5:35 AM

By Artist Sue Blackwell

Madeleine Bea has  provided an interesting prompt for The Sunday Creative this week.

Frozen:   Definition.....adj 1. treated, affected or crusted over by freezing.
2. Incapable of being changed, moved or undone. Fixed.

As there was nothing remotely "frozen" about Sydney. I was prompted instead to share my recent interest in Creative paper sculptures, inspired by the beautiful "frozen images" that emerge from the pages of old books. Artist Sue Blackwell creates the most spectacular works, drawn entirely from the pages of old books, which seem to freeze in time the story within!

Whilst I do not have the scissor skills, or the patience for such an undertaking, I have recently been experimenting with framing my own "frozen " art. I have started with  a very  simple butterfly template which was great for using up my old scraps of patterned papers. I recently framed this for my daughters room.

My Paper Butterflies
One of my next projects is going to be to make some of these paper butterflies made out of old maps

Bromeliad Living

I also love the idea of making the butterflies just out of newspaper, as I think they would make quite a nice , inexpensive decoration for gift wrapping presents.

Un Coeur en Provence

                                           Have a look at some other "frozen images"


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  1. What a wonderful idea! You are so creative, Simone! I love this!

  2. absolutely love this shot for frozen - how imaginative, brilliant. I love your butterflies, what a fantastic idea.


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