Serendipity Experience - 33 Make Family Resolutions.

3:31 PM

Our family has just spent a delightful week being tourists in our own town, visiting museums, galleries, landmarks and even staying in a hotel in the city. It has been a wonderful bonding time together and a lovely start to the New Year. After spending this time together we were inspired to make some family resolutions for the year ahead.
Each family member had some input into our resolutions. Whilst the adults selected behaviours we could modify for more harmonious family life, the children selected more things they would like the family to do together.

I have decided to keep all of our resolutions in a jar in the kitchen so that we see them regularly and are reminded to adhere to them!

My children should have made a pact
not to bite thier nails anymore!

Hopefully having united goals and making a "pact" to uphold them will actually mean that we fulfil some of our family objectives for 2011!!

I decided to link up with the following challenges, pop by and visit them!

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  1. What a great idea! I love your first photo, very neat! Thanks for linking up.

  2. absolutely love these shots and your new logo at the bottom! well done on these solutions, I asked Harry if he had made any but he just grunted.

  3. Love the concept of family resolutions! Less sarcasm? That would be a tough one for me lol

  4. What a wonderful start into the new year! What a great idea, too, to have family resolutions and to put it visibly in such a beautiful jar! I love your photos - great compositions!

  5. Your photo's look wonderful. And what a great way for a family to bond.. Hope you are having a wonderful day my friend.. Hugs, Linda

  6. Hi: I love this idea. What a wonderful thing to do as a family. I pray that you are able to accomplish them all. Blessings, Martha

  7. what a awesome idea great new years resolutions

  8. You are so cool. What special family memories you are creating!

    Thanks for sharing,

  9. What a wonderful idea! Fantastic shots!


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