Serendipity Experience 34 Savour Simplicity

4:06 PM

               "Our life is frittered away by detail..........Simplify,  Simplify,  Simplify"
                                                                                                Henry David Thoreau

After enjoying a month of Christmas excesses my goal for today is to get back to savouring the simple things in life! Instead of rushing through my daily routine, today I am going to sit back and slowly drink my "sultry chai" tea. I am going to pick up the paper back which has been lying on my chair this past few weeks and actually take some time to enjoy it, without feeling guilty about my household chores. I plan to take my time over selecting our meal tonight and am going to enjoy the simple task of preparing the meal. Taking time to just be! laugh, to relax, to linger!!

Savour the simple sweet pleasures of life!

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day! Living in the moment.. Yum that chai tea does sound good.. Your photo is beautiful..

    Hugs, Linda

  2. What a beautiful day - I agree that it's some times difficult to enjoy pausing in live when the chore-list is scrolling in the back of your mind.

    I hope your dinner was beautiful, and I love your photo for Mikayla's contest!

  3. What pretty shots...the tea one just makes me want to go make some for myself & linger too!!

  4. love your shot and another challenge! where do you find all of these?

  5. I have been enjoying the day demands, no stress...just be-ing. :-) Gorgeous images.

  6. That sounds like the perfect plan for a wonderful day! I love your photos - so beautiful! I could do with a chai tea just now, too!

  7. It's always the best to relax with your favorite drink and just sit, think and enjoy!
    Beautiful shot!
    Thanks for entering.

  8. So VERY beautiful!! :) I love both of these shots.

  9. I was just looking back through your blog and have I understood this correctly? You have only just taken up photography? Your shots are lovely!

  10. Beautiful shots and beautiful post!


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