Serendipity Experience - 36 Join a Scavenger Hunt

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My challenge for the day was to join  Scavenger Hunt Sunday! It looked like so many people were having a wonderful time interpreting the various prompts. Having just taken up photography I thought it might encourage me to experiment more...and I actually had a lot of fun in the process!! We had to interpret  1. A different view.  2. Looking Up  3. Abstract  4. Hair  5. Half.

A Different View

1. A Different View: Taking a walk to the Botanical Gardens this week, we saw a completely different view of our Sydney Landmarks, which seemed to be playing hide and seek with us between the trees!

                                                            Looking Up             

  2. Looking Up... I took this photograph today on our trip to our local bay. As we play together in the water we are so aware of the horrendous impact that water and the recent floods are having in our adjoining state of Queensland. Through this adversity people have been fantastic with over 50,000 people today volunteering to help their neighbours with the clean up. With the floods starting to ease and the clean up underway we can only hope that things are starting to look up for those so badly affected.

3. Abstract - Not being a particularly abstract person I had to resort to a reinterpretation of my shells.


4. Hair ... My teenage daughter requested that I try out the latest hairtrend on her - fishtail braids!!!


5. Half....Our capacity for love is enormous, what a wonderful world it would be if we gave away even just half of it to others!

       Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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  1. wow, you have done amazing interpretations, these are brilliant, I love what you have done here and so glad you are getting out there with your camera and taking great shots!

  2. by the way did you link up with the linky as I didn't see your picture there

  3. Lovely photos! I love the shells. You did a good job on the braid. I don't think mine would have been so neat. And I love the last photo. Very pretty with soft colors.

  4. What a wonderful set of photos, Simone, great interpretations! I never have any ideas for scavenger hunts...! Such a great abstract composition with your shells and I also admire the braid!

  5. After taking part in Scavenger hunt for a few months I can tell you that you'll love the challenge of taking new shots each week. That certainly was a different view of that Sydney icon. My favourites were your abstract and that great braid of hair.

  6. Awesome photos, I love them!! Hugs from Anette in Norway :)

  7. great photos! we visited sydney a couple years ago & absolutely fell in love. i am so jealous you get to live there!!

    love your looking up shot. what a great capture!

  8. I love the sentiment behind your half photo, so sweet!

  9. So glad you joined the hunt and I really love your looking up shot! Have a great week!

  10. Great shots! Those fishtale braids are amazing - first time I have heard of them! Especially love your half shot! :)

  11. Oh my! I haven't seen a fishtail braid in awhile! I used to love to do those when I was young.

  12. what beautiful hair!!!! and I love the Up photo.

  13. I love your daughters braid... beautiful!

  14. Wonderful Job! My favorites are looking up and half.


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