Serendipity Experience 40: Share an Obsession

3:36 PM

I currently have an obsession with pears. I was actually unaware of my obsession until this morning when I looked around my kitchen and realized that I was surrounded by pears in all different shapes,sizes and forms.

I am actually quite perplexed to realise that I have this obsession. Whilst I enjoy eating pears, it is not their flavour, smell or texture that seems to appeal to me, but their actual form. Why? I do not know.

How is it, that I have sat here surrounded by this obsession for so long and yet been totally oblivous to it?

the long road 

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  1. Each of these is so beautifully composed Simone, and I love that you chose black and white for them!
    Really beautifully done!

  2. I really love the composition of the first one

  3. I love pictures of pears, makes me want to run to the store and buy some just to take pictures of them.
    It is funny how somethings can sneak up on you though isn't it?

  4. absolutely wonderful, I am very envious of those jars and ornaments, they all look wonderful in black and white.

  5. A friend of mine has 2 beautiful pear paintings in her breakfast area. Every time I see them I think, "Such beauty in the simple things."

    LOVE the last capture!

  6. I'm a big fan of taking pictures of fruit! I love the 1st pic of the 3 pears..simplistic beauty.

  7. gorgeous photography, simone! i took a peek back at your last few posts and just love your touch and the capture of light!

    i can understand the pear fascination... they are beautiful, and the matte texture of their skin captures beautifully in photographs. i also love the colors they come in. they are a soft and sensuous fruit!

    thanks for visiting my blog... the friends visiting were also from sydney... manly in fact! a bit of a serendipity :)

  8. What a wonderful collection of pear (shapes) and so beautifully presented in your photos! I love the tones here so much, black and white really works great here!

  9. Nice!
    You have really good photos, and pears have a nice shape;)

  10. Those came out great!

    Thanks for stopping by today.

  11. This is a fun post. Your first photo is my favorite---love it in black and white with the stems going different directions.

  12. Love pear shots, and you have done these so beautifully. The second one is definitely my favorite!

  13. well, i was going to pop by today to tell you to come pick up your stylish award, but you managed all by yourself!
    have a lovely weekend!

  14. Pears are so beautiful I can understand why you love them...I love your images. So happy you could stop by! A wonderful day to you Simone ~ Rebecca


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