Serendipity Experience -35 Appreciate Nature!

10:00 PM

After spending the past few days indoors my goal for the day was to get back to nature! With this in mind I decided the best place to do this was to visit our beautiful Botanical Gardens, nestled on the Sydney Harbour foreshore.

We spent a delightful morning, walking the foreshore, inspecting the flowers, yearning to climb the trees and generally watching the world pass us by.

It was difficult tearing ourselves away from the lush green grass and the treasures it held, but we promised ourselves we would return and savour it again another day!

                                  Wordish Wednesday

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  1. and you've found another one! your link didn't work to the last one so I couldn't see it but I will have a look at this one. I love your botanical gardens shot, the colours jump off the page at you, are they taken with your new camera?

  2. These are just gorgeous - what a beautiful place!

  3. WOW! These photo's are beautiful. Every single one of them!!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful day!

    Hugs, Linda

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day!
    Beautiful photographs.
    I especially love the first one. Truly beautiful!

  5. That lotus flower is so beautiful, and I like that you found that little mushroom underfoot. I love the texture of its outer layer.

  6. Those are just gorgeous! You are a talented photographer!

  7. How wonderful, Simone! What a great way to spend the day and thanks so much for bringing a bit of colour into my grey day! :-) The photos are so beautiful!


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