The "Serendipity Experience" 10 - Recapture a simple joy!

1:02 AM

What can define the joy of 'Serendipity' more than a simple cardboard box! As I watched my son playing today with his brown cardboard box I was transported back to a time when my children were babies and the wrapping paper and packaging held far more appeal than all their shiny new toys. I watched as his imagination took flight, his box was transformed into a spaceship, a racing car... a "secret agent" headquarters. He has had so much fun with that simple box and has made me solemnly swear that I won't throw it out tonight ( How well he knows me!!!). I am reminded of how important it is to stop and relish these simple joys, before we know it they are far behind us.

To see more interesting "disguises" have a look at the following site!

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  1. these are such great shots! the second one did make me laugh! I'm sure the girls would have just as much fun in a cardboard box now (probably with a bottle of vodka too!), I am just staring out your window as I write this - I want to be sitting there too!!

  2. there is a challenge called disguise that these pictures would be so perfect for, it's at this blog -
    a nice website too - live every moment!

  3. What a beautiful post - a good reminder for me, as well! Those photos are gorgeous, the last one made me smile! Thanks!


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