Serendipity Experience 18 - Indulge!

2:57 AM

Indulge: 1 To yield to, satisfy or gratify.   2. To yield to the wishes or whims of, be lenient or permissive with.

Justine is hosting Sunday Creative at present and set us the challenge to respond to the word prompt "Indulge". I had been pondering exactly what this meant to me, when in true Serendipity style I was presented with my answer! Here we were seated near the water indulging in our fish and chips when we were surrounded by a massive flock of cockatoos. No matter how much we tried to resist, those penetrating eyes gave us little choice, we were forced to yield up the contents of our remaining fish and watched on they indulged in our dinner! 
The Sunday Creative

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  1. what a great shot and amazing how close they got! brilliant and thanks so much for participating.

  2. What a great entry for the challenge! I love your post and your photo and I know couldn't have resisted either!

  3. Oh my goodness, what a great shot.. They are so cute! Perfect for this challenge.

    Hugs, Linda

  4. What a wonderful shot and so beautiful to see them flying freeeely and not in a cage...just amazing!!


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