The "Serendipity Experience" 11 - Plan a Family Vacation.

9:26 PM

"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things"
                                                                            Henry Miller

Justine's The Sunday Creative challenge this week has inspired me to do something I have been intending to do for some months, plan our next family vacation. 
Her prompt  Aspiration - 1. strong desire, longing or ambition. 2. A goal or objective desired. 3. Act of aspirating - breath. When I think of this I am thinking not purely of the strong desire or longing for a holiday, but rather for the desire for us to spend time away as a family. This photograph was taken recently when my husband and I went for a week away to Hamilton Island, whilst I appreciate how important it is to spend time away as a couple I feel it is equally as important to have family holidays.Family holidays are times when we escape the constraints of work, school, friends and routines and re engage with each other. Our holidays have been some of the most treasured memories we share.It is a time to linger, talk, laugh and relax together. We come away from our vacations with a special connection that somehow manages to sustain us through the hectic daily routines. I think it is apt that this desire and longing should be called "Aspiration" as it certainly provides us with the breath of fresh air that  all need in our lives...I'm off to book mine!

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  1. what a great photo and such a good interpretation of the prompt! where are you going to go? what is on your shortlist and when are you going? I do aspire to this too...

  2. wonderful interpretation, and true!


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