Serendipity Experience - 15 Cherish Childhood Memories

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Lonely: 1. lone; solitary; without company, companionless
Today as I passed my son's treasured "Elly" lying lonely and abandoned on the stairway, I thought how appropriate this would be for Justine's Creative Sunday prompt: Lonely!. It also  prompted me to plan my goal for the day - to sort through our family treasure box, which hoards an assortment of baby booties, lost teeth, school awards and valued painting. Years ago I had naively made each child a lovely cylindrical treasure box, with their names carefully placed in string upon the top, believing it would house all their childhood treasures. Of course I filled these within months and we have now moved on to a large timber trunk.

I know that as I sit sorting through all the cherished items I am going to feel overwhelmed with all the special memories they hold, and am going to be wondering how long it will be before "Elly" joins the other long abandoned toys in the treasure trunk. Which reminds me of my favourite children's book - The Velveteen Rabbit.

The Lisa Porter Collection
"Real  isn't how you are MADE", said

the Skin Horse. "When a child loves you

for a LONG , LONG time, not just to

play with but REALLY loves you, then

you become Real" .

Margaret Williams, The Velveteen Rabbit

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  1. oh I love this post! I still have Harry's blanket in an old suitcase and I went through everything the other day, couldn't bear to throw anything away. I love your pictures here and the quote from the velveteen rabbit is lovely, thanks so much for posting.

  2. What a wonderful post, Simone! I absolute love it! I think Elly really looks a bit sad - I hope she found company to cheer her up! :-)
    As Justine, I also love that quote - so beautiful!


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