Serendipity Experience - 17 Join December Daily!

12:08 AM

Prompted by my Serendipity Experience I have decided to challenge myself and join Ali Edwards' December Daily 2010 Project. This is quite a mammoth undertaking as the task requires the keeping of a daily diary throughout the month of December to document in photographs, journaling and general memorabilia the 24 days leading up to Christmas.
My December Daily Journal

The first task is the construction of daily "foundation pages" which herald the daily Christmas countdown. I am frantically attempting to have these completed before December. Here is a sample of my pages.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 7

Day 5

Day 8
Day 10

Day 11

Day 14

Day 17

Day 18

Day 19

Day 21

Day 22

Day 23

Day 24

To join December Daily click here.

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  1. oh I wish I was as creative as you, this looks fantastic, will you post a picture every day so I can see what you have done? what a great challenge.

  2. Oh Simone, this looks fantastic! Never ever would I be able to something as beautiful and creative as this! I agree with Justine - a great challenge and I'd also love to see what you have done!

  3. Thank you for your comment in my DD post.
    Your album is great! I love the mittens on th Day 18 :) so cute!

  4. Simone, your posts are beautiful. This one especially just felt so peaceful. Thanks for sharing all the great ideas.

    Thanks for the comment in regard to my blog header. I think I'm one of those folks that could sit and make 20 and have a hard time deciding what to choose. :) I definitely need to keep it up with learning about all this, as I have a long way to go. Luckily, I sure enjoy it! Yay for trial and error.

    Blessings on your week ahead!


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