Serendipity Experience - 19 Be Thankful!

4:17 AM

"What are friends, books, or health, the interests of travel or the delights of home if we have not time?"


Happy Thanksgiving! Living in Australia we of course do not celebrate Thanksgiving, yet it is lovely to be part of such a lovely sentiment as 'giving thanks". Today I give thanks for the gift of  Time! At the start of the year I made it one of my goals that I would slow down the pace of my hectic life and make time...

 Time for Simple Pleasures that nurture my soul such as  curling up with a good book, feeling the sun on my face, enjoying a laugh, a conversation a long bath, simply taking time for myself!

 Time for Family, setting aside time for romance, family time and a day each week to spend with my parents, recognising that this time is special and more valuable than the need for house cleaning or shopping.

Time for Loving, really appreciating those childish cuddles and kisses and never being too busy or too rushed to give and receive one!

Time for Friends, trying to take time to listen, to be a 'shoulder to cry on", taking time to share and celebrate life with!

In making my list I realised that so many of my goals and aspirations for the year relied on "Making Time",and whilst I still often feel there is not enough of it, as I grow older I am so aware of how quickly it disappears and am so appreciative and thankful for having it!!!

Take time to visit  "Mortal Muses" to see what others are Thankful for!

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  1. wonderful! what a great post, it's not my link to mortal muses, I actually changed it from mr linky.

  2. Oh, Simone, what a wonderful post! It really made me think - you are so right! Thank you and have a wonderful day!

  3. Thank you so much for joining in the blog hop with this wonderful post. Time truly is something to be thankful for!


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