The "Serendipity Experience" 12 - Keep a Visual Journal

5:22 PM

As a collector of beautiful papers, pens and stationary it is not a surprise that I am a lover of journals. Ever since I was a young girl I have kept a journal. Of course then it was a simple recount of my daily events kept in a small diary with a padlock and key. My love of journals has evolved significantly since then. I am the keeper of  travel journals, recipe journals, scrapbooks and even a journal of lists! An unplanned visit today to the blog of sisigirl and her beautiful artbook journal has re inspired me to return to my own journaling. Of course I do not have the wonderful painting skills that she possesses, yet this doesn't prevent me from creating my own visual journal. There is so much inspiration for keeping a tangible record of your life, goals and creativity!
  • Visual Prompts
  • Quotations and Poems
  • Photo Journals
  • Hopes and Heirlooms  
  • Travel Journals                        
  • Goal Setting
  • Dream Journaling
  • Gardening or Nature Journal
  • Style Files
  • Art Journals
Some time ago I purchased a wonderful book by Jason Thompson entitled Making Journals by Hand which has a beautiful selection of journals along with practical techniques for creating journals such as stamping techniques, emulsion lifts, layering , making image transfers etc. I was really surprised to see that there are even companys such as blurb blogbook which make your blogs into books. Such a wonderful idea for all you wonderful photographers! The process of creating something so personal and creative is a very rewarding experience which I urge you to try.

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  1. I wish I could do this, I bought a beautiful journal the other day but haven't put anything in it! You should post this at Lisa's creative exchange -
    wish I could be as creative as you!


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