Serendipity Experience 16 Make a Christmas Angel

11:51 PM

                              Hark the Herald, Angels sing.......

Our Homemade Christmas Angel

My family is in the midst of  Christmas chaos ! Our Christmas Decorations are being unpacked and piece by piece our home is being transformed into a blanket of gold and cream. Each new box reveals a lovely surprise, an object we have forgotten even existed for the past year.

 In the midst of the unpacking we are upset to discover that our much loved Christmas Angel has a broken wing. I suggest to the children that we retire her early this year and they are devastated that I could even consider such an option.! Who would have thought that our cardboard angel was so treasured? We eventually compromise on making a replacement "exactly the same" of course. It doesn't prove too difficult a task as all our angel consists of is some cardboard, string, gold paint and a ping pong ball. The part I have most trouble with is painting on the face, capturing an angelic expression is not as easy as you would think. It isn't long before the project is complete and we have a fully fledged Angel, wings and all! Whilst she is drying I place her under one of my glass domes to dry and I am amazed at how lovely she looks there. So good in fact that I am thinking of buying more domes for my decorations this year ( Particularly to house our delicate Nativity Scene which seems to attract far too many little fingers). In true serendipity style I have found a new decorating theme for the house this year, quite by default.

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  1. I can't believe you have started Christmas decorating already! this looks absolutely gorgeous, I want some of those domes around the house.

  2. This glass dome looks gorgeous! And such a beautiful angel - I can't believe it's handmade! I haven't started on Christmas preparations yet, but get the feeling I should...! Have a wonderful weekend, Simone!


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